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Eleven plus (11+) tuition and mock exams by Kate Marke, a full time 11+ tutor and experienced primary school teacher.
Children who receive tuition for nine months or more improve their scores at 11+ by up to 40% so the earlier you start the better.
Many children start tuition in Year 4 to get a head start and we strongly recommend that tuition is started no later than the beginning of Year 5

The Actual 11+ Exam in Torbay.
There are three Grammar Schools in Torbay: Churston Ferrers Grammar School; Torquay Boys Grammar School and Torquay Girls Grammar School. In addition Westlands School has a selective as well as a non-selective intake.The Torbay grammar schools all set the same 11+ exams. The 11+ tests take place on two consecutive Saturdays in September at the start of Year 6. Children must register for the tests by 12 September 2014. They normally sit these at the school that they intend to apply to. The exams consist of the following:
19 September 2015
CEM Test
CEM Test
Verbal ability (comprehension,vocabulary and verbal reasoning), numerical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning
26 September 2015    

20 Multiple Choice comprehension questions and a free writing test
Free Response (show workings)
Each grammar school applies the test results differently in accordance with their admissions policies:
Churston Ferrers Grammar School
Candidates who score at least 50% in both Maths and English and achieve one of the top 100 scores in the CEM tests will be offered a place. In addition candidates who have been successful in two of the three subjects and achieve atleast 40% in the third element or have a combined score that equals or exceeds that achieved by the 140th canditate ranked by total score will form a borderzone. Further candidates will be selected from this borderzone to bring the total number admitted up to 130. In the border zone preference will be given to the following children, in the following order:
  1. Children who have statement of Special Educational Need, where Churston Ferrers Grammar School is named on that statement must be admitted first.
  2. Children in care or adopted children.
  3. Children eligible for free school meals at the time of the test.
  4. Children of staff working at the school at the time of the test (subject to meeting the criteria in the Admissions Code).
Torquay Boys Grammar School
Candidates who achieve one of the top 150 combined scores in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning will be offered a place. Preference is given to children in the following categories provided that they have been successful in the tests:
  1. Children who have a statement of special educational need where Torquay Boys’ Grammar School is named on that statement.
  2. Children in care or adopted children.
  3. Children eligible for free school meals at the time of the tests.
Torquay Girls Grammar School
Candidates who score at least 50% in Maths and English and achieve one of the top 128 scores in Verbal Reasoning will be offered a place. If less than 128 girls meet the required standard in all 3 tests; those who are successful in meeting 2 out of 3 conditions will be offered places in rank order of total score up to the 128th place.
If your child falls into one of the special categories above make sure your chosen schools, your child's primary school and Torbay education authority (and your local education authority if different) are aware of this. It will improve your child's chances!
Based on the results of the tests, parents will be told by letter on 18 October 2014 whether an application to a Grammar School is likely to be successful, and if so, to which ones. The best result at this stage has become known as "three yeses" -  positive indications for Churston Ferrers; Westlands and the appropriate Torquay Grammar School. However, being told that an application is likely to be successful will not guarantee you a place. In previous years Torquay Boys Grammar School have indicated in the letter when a yes is borderline. This seems a much kinder approach than allowing children to think they have a place and then disappointing them later. Hopefully the other schools will fall into line with this. 
Applications must then be made to your local education authority (LEA) by 31 October putting your choosen Grammar School first. This does not have to be the same school that you sat your test at. You can put down more than one grammar school on the LEA form and this is well worth considering. Some children who sit the tests at one school, and put that school as first preference, don't get a place there; but do get a place at another grammar school choosen as a second preference on the LEA form.
Confirmation of a place will not be until national allocation day on 1 March. 
There is an appeals process available to unsuccessful candidates

More information from Churston Ferrers Grammar School on 2013 11+ procedures and 2014 admissions policies:
More information from Torquay Boys Grammar School on 2013 11+ procedures and 2014 admissions policies:
11+ Information   Admissions Policy
More information from Torquay Girls Grammar School on 2013  11+ procedures and 2014 admissions policies:
Download a 2013 11+ application form: Application Form for 2013 test (2014 entry)
If your child is ill contact the school before the tests. They should be allowed to sit the test on another day instead.
If your child is unwell during a test or the test is disrupted in any way tell the school at the earliest opportunity. We recommend that you write to the school's admissions officer setting out the facts and copy this to all of the following: the admissions officer of any other Torbay grammar school you intend to apply to; your child's current primary school; Torbay Education Authority; and if you live outside of Torbay to your local LEA as well.
Where illness is involved take your child to your doctor so that the illness is recorded and can be substantiated later if needed.

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